Nathan Tadesse



Addis Ababa University
Masters in Environmental Development Studies
(Oct 2019 – March 2022)

Addis Ababa University Bachelor in Computer Science (June 2014 – Aug 2019)
Addis Ababa University Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (Aug 2014 – Sept 2017)


Google Suite Microsoft Office Suite Salesforce
Microsoft Dynamics Google Awards Constant Contact Advertising Facebook Marketing Lead Generation Keyword Research


Won best student award for exceptional work in the classification of small business documents
International Award for Young People – Duke of Edinburgh Award


As a social media manager, I have experience in developing and executing social media strategies across various platforms, creating engaging content, managing campaigns, and analyzing data to measure success. I possess excellent communication skills, creativity, and proficiency in social media management tools. My experience in the field makes me an ideal candidate for the role of social media manager.


Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Dominance Global, Virginia (July 2021 – February 2023)
Created and launched email campaigns that increased sales leads by 22% in 60 days.
He championed RW’s marketing strategy and consumer research initiatives, which drove Q4 sales revenue up by 84% in 2021.
Managed a $200M monthly influencer budget to develop marketing campaigns, increasing social traffic by 75%.
Designed over 1.3K promotional materials for B2B and B2C distribution, including email newsletters, social media content, and web banners in the first 40 days.

Marketing Manager

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (Nov 2017 – Jan 2019)Developed a new promotional campaign by bundling products together, increasing sales revenue by 13% with projected year-on-sales growth of $400K
Negotiated new contracts with vendors, saving the marketing budget $120K annually
Recruited and trained 30+ marketing and sales specialists, improving overall sales targets by 24% while maintaining 86% in employee retention
Directed the launch of 12 new product lines, with total annual revenue of $1.3B
Referenced 3 times in news articles for exceptional advertising campaigns

Social Media Manager

Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation (April 2015 – Jan 2017)
Developed 2 real-time dashboards using Air table to track engagement and brand mentions during viral Twitter and Facebook campaigns, helping the sales department reach conversions by 68% for customers subscription
Worked closely with 3 departments (Video, Content, Design) to develop on-brand and engaging social content on our YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook channels
Used Photoshop, Figma, and Illustrator to develop 450+ images and wrote 520+ original captions, resulting in 6,000+ Twitter shares from June to August 2019

Digital Marketer

USAID Love for Children and Family Development (May 2014 – Ju 2015) Internship
Manage 3+ social content production schedules, monitor staff activity, and discuss outcomes, recommendations, and goals with stakeholders
Launched a Pinterest ‘Care for the Crew’ campaign that landed 270+ new inquiries for the friendship feature of our app, and increased monthly revenue by 130%
Managed customer connections, responding to 100% of inquiries and comments within 16 hours
Draft marketing campaigns in collaboration with the marketing directors, receiving 96% positive feedback on performance reports

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